TitanSDR and TitanSDR-E Multichannel HF Receivers

Parallel Demodulation, Recording and Analysis of up to 100 HF Emissions


  • Homeland security and foreign intelligence (SIGINT and COMINT) 
  • Military communications 
  • Detection of interfering or illegal electromagnetic emissions (by national radio frequency agencies)

Video Introduction

Download TitanSDR Datasheet

Main Features

  • 9 kHz to 32 MHz frequency coverage 
  • 16 frequency preselectors 
  • Wideband channels: up to 2.1875 MHz (TitanSDR) or 9.66 MHz (TitanSDR-E) 
  • Narrowband channels: up to 40 (TitanSDR) or 100 (TitanSDR-E) 
  • Modes: SSB, AM, NBFM, CW, eSSB, FSK, IQ 
  • Wideband and Narrowband spectrum and waterfall (with custom palette) 
  • Record-and-replay of Wideband channels 
  • Scheduler of recording activities 
  • Squelched-controlled recording 
  • Third party decoders: tight integration with Krypto500 (by Comint Consulting) and CODE300-32 (by Hoka Electronic)
  • Energy Detection to monitor lists of frequencies (software option)
  • Spectrum Explorer of Wideband recordings (software option)

Energy Detection (ED)

Real-time and automatic channel allocation with .wav files production for listed frequencies

Main Features

  • Real time energy detection for listed frequencies 
  • Automatic narrowband channel allocation and demodulated output recording (.wav files) 
  • Automatic power threshold setting for detection (real time noise floor estimation: no user intervention required) 
  • Detection session with up to six receivers managed via LAN for frequency coverage extension


Spectrum Explorer (SE)

Off-line .wav files extraction from WB recordings

Main Features

  • Time-frequency power map of wideband recording with selectable color palette 
  • Graphic identification of transmissions 
  • Batch .wav file extraction within few mouse clicks


TitanSDR + Krypto500

Receive, Decode, Analyze

TitanSDR can be interfaced (via LAN) to Krypto500, a software suite by Comint Consulting allowing to analyze, perform signal classification and decode multiple channels in parallel.